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Luzhou, a historic city of China, lies in the edge of Sichuan basin where the Long River and Tuo River meet each other. It’s an important distribution center of goods and materials and transportation pivot as well as the converging area of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Chongqing. Luzhou has been the key position to enter Yunnan and Guizhou Province from Sichuan, a desirable location in military sense. It has won the title of “Iron Luzhou” and has always been an important town of Southwestern Sichuan. Luzhou covers an area of 12,247 km2 with a population of 4.74 million and exercises jurisdiction over 3 districts and 4 counties including Hejiang and Gulin. The rich wine culture, numerous relics of Red Army’s Long March and mysterious primeval forest of the same latitude and low altitude all add unique charm to Luzhou city.
It is because of its wine that Luzhou is famous all over the country, even the world. Just as Jingdezhen is famous for its china, Suzhou is famous for its garden, Weifang is famous for its kites. Luzhou got the name of City of Wine of China. Luzhou people got the reputation of “ straightforwardness”. All over China, if one ever speaks of Luzhou, people will undoubtedly mention Lao Jiao. Luzhounese are honest to people and responsible in handling affairs. They do not tell lies and are very trustworthy, never breaking promises. It’s a common characteristic for Luzhounese who live at the entrance of three rivers to mean every single word that they’re saying, to have an upright personality. Why do Luzhounese have such a fine character? People all agree that it’s because Luzhounese often drink Lao Jiao. Luzhou Lao Jiao tastes cool and mellow and has a flavor which perfectly matches Luzhounese’s character. Wine, is a highlight here. No matter whether you are just a common friend or relatives or good friends, Luzhounese are indiscriminately so hospitable, so warm. They may invite you to eat Douhua Rice or Hotpot and drink Luzhou Lao Jiao or Gu Lin Lang Wine. Hospitability and straightforwardness is the nature of South Sichuan people.
At the confluence of the three rivers, the river surface looks infinite. At the far end, a sailing boat is fading to the distance. Waves are bouncing; birds are flying. Sunshine is filtering through the clouds, making people warm but not too hot. Breeze is walking though willow trees, soft branches dancing. Old couples are ambling, children playing, tourists passing hastily, fishers waiting quietly. There are km. long corridors Guiyuan Forest, Fobao Forest Park and Huangjing primeval forest in Luzhou; there are Bajiedong Waterfall and Yuchan Mountain; there are poetic Honglong Lake, Huagao Stream and Yulong Lake…… Inside the Longan Forest, one can often see city visitors who come here for recreation; inside the primeval forest, one can catch glimpses of explorers from time to time; in the Yulong Lake, travelers are drifting with the boat. Visitors seem to be traveling in a picture with the beautiful scenes of lake and mountain. Luzhounese are not exclusive at all. It’s their habit to be inclusive
Luzhou is an ancient county in Jiangyang, a famous city with beautiful scenes and outstanding talents. It’s called “Hometown of Fish and Rice” and “Tianfu Granary”. Luzhou, a famous city of wine teemed with the scent of Old / Stored Lao Jiao. Luzhou, a beautiful city which is carefully tended and lives up to the national sanctuary standard. It’s great happiness to live in Luzhou; it’s as happy to travel in Luzhou.

Yuchan Mountain
Longnao Bridge
Luzhou Daqu Laojiao Pool of Ming Dynasty
Bao’en Tower
Shrine of Buddhism in South Sichuan - Mt. Fangshan
Fobao Scenic zone
Ancient Fubao Town
Beacon Hill Scenic Zone
Mt. Dan Scenic Zone
Chunqiu Temple
Relics of the Red Army’s crossing Chishui River for four times
Yaoba Ancient Town
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