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Tailor-made Sichuan travel, Sichuan individual tour, Sichuan private tour 

For Sichuan individual travel, you can decide when, with whom, where and how to do the Sichuan travel.
Because of the high flexibility and independence, Sichuan individual tours are popular. Private/individual Sichuan tours provide you a great way to get to know the country and people.
Based on your personal idea for Sichuan tour and Sichuan trekking we’ll give you pieces of advice and tailor-make a Sichuan tour offer for you.
With this form you can describe your own idea of your Sichuan tour, Sichuan travel and Sichuan trekking. Of course the other Sichuan tour, Sichuan travel and Sichuan trekking programs on our website can also help you to complete your Sichuan tour itinerary. 

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Chengdu Leshan Yaan Zigong Yibin
Panzhihua Xichang Kangding Maerkang Luzhou
Guangyuan Mianyang Deyang Nanchong Guang’an
Bazhong Dazhou Neijiang Suining Meishan

Which attraction to visit?
World Heritages
Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Dujiangyan-Qingchengshan Leshan-Emeishan
Giant Panda Habitat
Gongga Shan (Minya Konka) Siguniang Shan Three Mountains in Yading Genyen Mountain
Chola Mountain (Que’er Shan) Nyenpo Yutse Xuebaoding Zhara Lhatse (Yala)
Emei Shan Qingcheng Shan Mengding Shan Luoji Shan
Balang Shan Jiajin Shan Wawu Shan Xiling Xueshan
Tiantai Shan Longmen Shan Jiguan Shan
Nature Reserves and National Parks
Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Mounigou Shenxian Chi
Gaint Panda Breeding and Research Wolong Panda Reserve Wanglang Reserve Tangjiahe Reserve
Baoxing Panda Reserve Bifengxia Reserve Hailuogou Glacier Park Xiaman Reserve
Dagu Glacier Park Bipenggou Heizhugou Baihe Reserve
Miyaluo Red Leaves Park Guergou Hongkou Longchi Forest Park
Xingwen Stone Forest Shunan Bamboo Sea Labahe
Lakes and Rivers
Lugu Lake Muge Tso in Kangding Yilhun Lhatso (Xinlu Hai) Cuopu Lake in Batang
Wuxu Lake in Jiulong Kasa Lake in Luhuo Horse Lake (Ma Hu) in Leibo Qiong Hai Lake in Xichang
The First Bend of Yellow River Chang Jiang (Yangtze) Jinshan Jiang Dadu He
Minjiang Qingyijiang Yalong Jiang
Hongyuan Grassland Ruoergai Grassland Aba Grassland Jinma Grassland in Seda
Maoya Grassland in Litang Langmusi Grassland Axu Grassland in Shiqu Longdeng Grassland in Daofu
Larima Grassland in Xinlong Riluku Grassland in Jiulong Tagong Grassland
Buddhist Temples, Grottos and other Remains
Wenshu Yuan in Chengdu Baoguang Temple in Xindu Zhaojue Temple in Chengdu Guanyin Temple in Xinjin
Daci Si Temple in Chengdu Lingyun Temple in Leshan Wuyou Temple in Leshan Baoguo Temple in Emeishan
Fuhu Temple in Emeishan Wannian Temple in Emeishan Huazang Temple in Emeishan Jinding (Golden Summit) in Emeishan
Huangze Temple in Guangyuan Baoen Temple in Pingwu 1000-Buddha Grottos in Guangyuan 1000-Buddha Grottos in Jiajiang
Chonglong Shan Grottos in Zizhong Leshan Giant Buddha Rongxian Giant Buddha Anyue Grottos
Yongning Si Grottos in Bazhong
Taoist Temples and Mountains
Erwangmiao Temple in Dujiangyan Erwangmiao Temple in Dujiangyan Temples in Mountain Qingchengshan Qiqushan Damiao in Zitong
Zhenwu Shan Mountain in Yibin Laojun Shan Mountain in Pingshan Heming Shan Mountain in Dayi
Confucian Temples
Confucian Temple in Deyang Confucian Temple in Fushun Confucian Temple in Zizhong Confucian Temple in Congzhou
Historial Remains and Museums
Sanxingdui Museum Jinsha Museum Sichuan Museum Yongling Mausoleum
Site of Shuijingfang Liu's Manor Wuhou Temple Thatched Cottage of Du Fu
Sichuan TCM Museu Sichuan Cuisine Museum Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum Salt Industry in Zigong
Dinosaur Museum in Zigong Sichuan University Museum Jianchuan Museum Chengdu Ebony Museum
Bamboo Museum in Qingshen Jiayang Steam Locomotive Luding Bridge
Ancient Towns
Huanglongxi in Shuangliu Luodai in Longquan Pingle in Qionglai Jiezi in Congzhou
Anren in Dayi Yuelai in Dayi Chenjia Weigan in Wenjiang Tiefo in Zizhong
Luoquan in Zizhong Yunding in Longchang Fobao in Hejiang Yaoba in Hejiang
Liujiang in Hongya Gaomiao In Hongya Xianshi in Zigong Lizhuang in Yibin
Xijiashan in Jiang’an Erlang in Gulin Luocheng in Qianwei Wangyu in Yaan
Shangli in Yaan Jiangkou in Meishan Xilai in Pujiang Longhua in Pingshan
Lizhou in Xichang Yandao in Yingjing Jiaju in Danba Zhonglu in Danba
Suopo in Danba Taoping in Lixian Shuimo in Wenchuan Ganbao in Lixian
Langzhong Zhaohua in Guangyuan Enyang in Bazhong Qijiang in Santai
Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries
Anjue Monastery in Kangding Nanwu Monastery in Kangding Lhagang Monastery (Tagong Si) Garthar Monastery (Huiyuan Si)
Nyatso Monastery in Daofu (Lingque Si) Drango Monastery (Shouling Si) in Luhuo Ganzi (Garze) Monastery Dargye Monastery (Dajin Si)
Beri Monastery (Baili Si) Dege Gonchen Monastery Dege Parkhang Printing House Dzochen Monastery
Sershul Monastery in Shiqu Tongkor Monastery (Donggu Si) Larong Monastery with Wuming Institut Sirin Kar Monastery (Zenke Si)
Bangtuo Monastery Rangtang Monastery Kirti Monastery (Ge’erdeng Si) Ngayul Monastery (Saige Si)
Gemo Monastery Siwa Nunnery Pelyul Monastery (Baiyu Si) Pelpung Monastery (Babang Si)
Dzongsar Monastery Katok Monastery (Gatuo Si) Litang Monastery Bangpu Monastery
Gonggalangjilin Monastery Chonggu Monastery Langmusi Monastery Taktsha Monastery in Ruoergai
Ganzi (Garze) Nunnery Muli Grand Monastery Guangfa Temple in Jinchuan Sangpi Monastery
Chokri Monastery (Jueri Si) Mewa Monastery
Monastery of Bon Religion
Nangshig Monastery (Langyi Si) in Aba
Kham Tibetan Amdo Tibetan Gyarong (Jiarong) Tibetan Qiang Minority
Yi Minority Miao Minority
Other Attraction:

Specially interested in:
Culture and History Nature Monastery Festival
Hiking and Trekking Mountaineering Horse Riding Lake
Mountain Drift Biking Motorcycle
4x4 Off Road Self Drive Flower Watching Bird Watching
Wild Animal Eco Tour Folk Art Village and Local People
Honeymoon Museum Photography Pilgrimage
World Heritages      

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Standard Room Deluxe Suite Single Room Honeymoon
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Special Requests:
To customize an itinerary specifically for you, please answer the following questions or give us an indication of your request:
  Celebrate our honeymoon or anniversary
  This is a birthday gift for my husband or wife
  I can not walk for long
  I can not take car for a long time
  I don't like too many temples or museums
Other requests:
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