The Dead Sea in China
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The Dead Sea in China
The Dead Sea in China

Situated in northern developed region of Daying County, 114 km away from Chengnan Highway, one hour’s ride away from Chengdu, the Dead Sea in China is a 4A-class Scenic Spot, which was built by the mountains and closed to the river. The Dead Sea in China covers an area of 130 hectares with a designed construction area of more than 330 ha., and the whole investment fund of ten hundred million. It is the hometown of rafting sport in China, the biggest spot in Sichuan Province for relaxation and recreation, and also the start of the golden tourist route in northeast of Sichuan Province and along Chengnan Highway. Close to Dacheng Railway, Chengnan Highway, Mianchong Highway and Sui-yu-huai Highway, it has obvious advantage in location. A perfect combination of the modern high-tech, rich cultural, long history, pretty natural landscape and the recreation and sports of modern city, the Dead Sea of China reproduces the ancient salt lake existing in 1.5 hundred million years ago.
The ancient salt lake basin was formed by two mountain-building movements of the earth in 1.5 hundred million years ago. Taking advantages of the abundant unique resources of bittern in Daying County, the scenic spot reproduced the underground ancient salt lake existing a hundred million years ago by leading the bittern water taken from halite rock 3000m under ground to the Dead Sea. Then, the bittern water is leaded into Penglai Salt Factory nearby through pipelines experience purification. The specific gravity of the water of “The Dead Sea” is big enough to float people on water. There is a lot of microelement in the salty water, among which the content of iodine and bromine is the highest. The elements of iodine and bromine can stimulate the regeneration of epidermal cell of skin, keep balance of pH of skin, and dissipate fatigue and keep fitness of the body.
Sunshine, golden sands, blue seawater, soft breeze… all bring visitor gales of surprises and enjoyment. The first construction phase of the scenic spot is composed by fourteen parts including Outdoor Floating and Recreation Area, “Arabian Nights”- Indoor Floating and Water World, Sheila Island- SPA Treatment Center, Hot Spring of The Dead Sea, Bungee Jumping, Salt Production with Old Zhuotong Well, Fresh Lake & Paddling Area, the Charming Wood Houses, a 3-Star Hotel, Sun City-a 5-Star Hotel, International Youth Hotel, Qijiang River, the Babylon Dock, the Lost Castle- Ancient Sites.

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