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Located at the confluence of Jinsha River and Yalong River in Southwest Sichuan, Panzhihua is the only city named after flower in China and also a famous modern city where the iron industry is flourishing as well as an important tourist hub city in Southwest Sichuan and Northwest Yunnan. Panzhihua is situated at the interface of mountainous area of Southwest Sichuan and Yun-Gui Plateau, where Jinsha River flows from the west and Yalong River flows to the south. The landform of the city is rugged, with high mountains and deep valleys. The climate changes notably in vertical direction. Therefore, a unique natural landscape has been formed. There is great potential for the modern industrial travel to Panzhihua Iron & Steel Base and grand Ertan high dam Hydropower Station as well as for the sunshine eco-travel to rift valley and mountainous region.  
Panzhihua situates at the southwestern border of Sichuan. It neighbors Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan in the east and north; neighbors Lijiang Naxi Autonomous Prefecture and Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan in the west and south. Chengdu-Kunming Railway goes through from south to the north. Panzhihua is 749 km away from Chengdu in the north and 351 km away from Kunming in the south. It is the nearest point to reach border and coastal ports of South China and Southeast Asia, the important traffic hub of “South Silk Road” and distributing center of commodities. Panzhihua is the first industrial city in the upper reaches of ten-thousand-li Changjiang River, It covers an area of 7,440.4 km2 with a population of 1.08 million. 
Panzhihua is a multinational city, which 43 ethnic groups inhabit, among which Han people account for 86.7%. The population of the 42 national minorities is 139,300, which accounts for 13.3% of the total population, of which the population of Yi people is relatively great, which accounts for 8.9%, followed by Lisu, Miao, Naxi, Bai, Dai, Man, etc.
Panzhihua is the nearest point to reach the border and coastal ports of South China and Southeast Asia. It is the important regional hub city at the interface of Sichuan and Yunnan, with topographical advantages. Chengdu-Kunming Railway passes through the whole city, together with National Highway 108, Provincial Highway 214, 216, 310, and many city trunk roads, a smooth and convenient land traffic network is formed. The traffic condition is being improved. The airport where large passenger plane Boeing 737 can take off and touch down has been open to air traffic at the end of 2003. Xichang-Panzhihua Expressway is under construction, expected to be completed before 2007. It will become the best, fastest and most convenient tourist passage from Chengdu and Kunming to Lugu Lake, Lijiang and other scenic spots. The convenient and fast traffic makes Panzhihua become an important tourist center of Southwest Sichuan and Northwest Yunnan.
Panzhihua is also an important iron & steel, vanadium & titanium and energy base in West China. Rich mineral resources known to the world, hydropower resource that ranks number one in China, .advantageous living resources, unique tourist resources are wealth endowed by nature. Panzhihua, a shining pearl in West China, is waiting for his descendants to create wonders.
In Panzhihua, there are numerous varieties of plants and wild animals, with a number of more than 2,500. “Panzhihua sago cycas” is especially world-famous, which are caespitose in large area, with a number of over 100,000 individual trees. They bloom every year, with pistillate and staminate blossoms contending in bizarrerie and beauty. “Panzhihua sago cycas”, dinosaur and giant panda enjoy a good fame of “Three Treasures of Sichuan”.
The unique climate condition in Panzhihua, nature endowed resource advantage, mysterious and attractive Great Rift valley of Panxi provide good natural support for building the elaborate tours “Holiday Tour to Southwestern Sunshine and Hot Spring ”, “Tour of Exploring Three-line Industry” and “Sightseeing Tour to Fantastic Great Rift valley”. After scientifical and ordered planning and development, at present four brands that lead the tourist industry of Panzhihua has become famous both at home and abroad.

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Sago Cycas National Nature Reserve
Daheishan National Forest Park
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