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Meishan City is located in the southwest part of the Chengdu Plain, lying in the sector area between the middle Minjiang River and the downstream of Qingyi River, and in the middle part of the Golden Passage between Chengdu City and Leshan City. It’s place which pharynx and larynx important and linking to the southern and the southwestern of place of Sichuan Province.
Minjiang River and Qingyijiang River go through the city’s territory, with banks geographically featured mainly by plains and river-alluviated natural flat dikes. Hills occupy both sides of the eastern Longquanshang Mountain and most parts of Danleng County, Pengshan County, and Hongya County, most with elevations of 500-800 m while some 800-1500 m. With Red Mesozoic terranes widely distributed, the mountainous area has Danxia landform and an excellent ecological environment.    
Meishan City is 7,186 km2 in area and 3.46 million in population and exercises jurisdiction over 1 districts and 5counties.
Mountain ranges crisscross while knolls fluctuate within the boundaries of Meishan City. The hypsography of the city descends from the west to the east, with the maximum elevation of 3,522 m and the lowest elevation of 335 m. The natural conditions of the city are complicated. Every year, the sea and land monsoons alternate in turn. West Pacific Ocean subtropical high pressure prevails in summer while Siberian cold air influences the city’s winter. Besides, the solar radiation changes annually. All of the above natural conditions work together to shape the various weather patterns in this region. Central Asian tropic humid climate dominates in the whole city. The annual average temperature is about 17℃. The frost-free period lasts 302-314 days and the rainfall amount is abundant. The annual length of sunshine is 1,060-1,202 hours, which is among the category of little-sunshine regions of the whole country. 
Meishan City has a long history and has ever enjoyed a fine reputation as a place of fostering excellent elites and a city of literature. It is also regarded as the hometown of Su Dongpo, the great poet, and Ci, one pattern of the Chinese poem with various sentence lengths. Besides, the ancient town of literature, the Holy land of Daoism and the land of longevity also refer to Meishan City. Various kinds of specific cultures flourish here, including the Dongpo culture, the longevity culture, the Daoism culture, the Buddhism culture, the bamboo culture, and the water culture and so on. 
Historical cultural celebrities are multitudinous in Meishan City, including Pengzu, “the ancestor of persons with longevity”, who was also a supreme minister of the Shang Dynasty, Zhang Daoling, the Taoism master of great learning and integrity, Li Mi, litterateur of the Xi Jin Dynasty, the father and two sons of the Su family (San Su) who are the literary giants of the Song Dynasty, He Li, the Renowned prime minister, Yu Yunwen, the famous general against the invasion of Jin People, Li Tao, the benevolent official, Peng Duanshu, the litterateur of the Qing Dynasty, Liang Lu, the famous geologist, Huang Jiqing, the geological master who is also the pioneer and founder of china’s geological enterprise, Shi Lu, the founder of the Chang’an school of painting, who is also regarded as “Eastern Van Gogh” and “specific talent in the field of art”, Huang Ji’an, the dramatist of Chuan Opera and Feng Jianwu, the Chinese famous painter, calligrapher, poet, and educationalist of art. From Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty, Meishan City had been one of the three stereotype printing centers, equally famous with Hangzhou City and Jianyang City.

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