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Yibin is located on the southern edge of Sichuan, where Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan meet. It was a very important place in southwest China in ancient times;It is a famous cultural and historic city and also the hometown of the famous Chinese wine, Wuliangye Liquor, that’s why it’s always called the“City of Chinese Wine”. It also has a reputation of “The First City along the Yangtze River” because Jinsha River and Minjiang River meet at Hejiangmen Gate at the centre of the city, then flow eastward.
The towering mountains symbolize the courage, honesty and outgoing personality of the Yibin people. Different from gentle Chengdu people, Yinbin people’s personality is more like that of Chongqing people, because the same high mountains and big river have given them the same strong personality. They treat their guests with their strong wine and spicy hotpot, and large numbers of small restaurants by the river indicates their relaxed life. The joy people get from every little thing is the essence of their happy life.
The three big rivers flowing eastward have given birth to the brilliant thousand year long culture of Yibin. Wine is the soul of Yibin. Early in the Warring States Period, Yibin people were good at farming and winemaking. Until today, Wuliangye Liquor is still the pride of Yinbin people and even the pride of Chinese people. “The mountains and rivers in Sichuan are uniquely beautiful, and thousands of good wine can be found in Yibin” the line suggests the three-thousand-year long culture of winemaking in Yibin.
This ancient and mysterious nation lived on this land for generations and generations and left many historic relics and legends. The Cliff Coffins of the Bo People in Gongxian County still remains a mystery that puzzles experts at home and abroad. The Bo culture that has prospered thousands of years on this land is brilliant and will never decline. The bamboo of Yibin is special too. The National Scenic Spot “The Green Bamboo Sea in Shunan” is one of the Ten Best Natural Scenic Spots in China. It has a beautiful reputation as “The Green Bamboo sea in Shunan is the most green and beautiful place in the world”, as it consists of thousands of green bamboo plants which form a green ocean. All sorts of art crafts are made from bamboo, which always stuns people with unbelief that how the common materials can be turn into masterpieces. And the feast of bamboo dishes also always gives people surprise and enjoyment.
There are plenty of natural and man-made scenic spots in the city. The Green Bamboo Sea in Shunan, Shihaidongxiang Town and the Cliff Coffins of the Bo People, which along with the tour of Wuliangye Group consist of an important part of tourism industry in south Sichuan, supports the natural and cultural tourism. There are six Tourist Attractions of National Level in the city. Besides rich tourism resources, the tourism of Yibin is also featured with harmonious coexistence of natural landscape and man-made culture with a ring-shaped distribution. It has received 2.5 - 3 million travellers in recent years with increase of 27% in tourism revenue. Yinbin has 21 rated hotels including some 4-star hotels and 28 travel agencies including some international travel agencies. Tourism has been injecting new energy into the economy of Yibin with its fast development.

Daguan Tower
Jiuzhou Pagoda
Lizhuang Ancient Town
Cuiping Mountain
Zhao Yiman Memorial
Temple Compound in Zhenwu Mountian
Liubei Pond
Ancient Residence in Jiaxi Mountain
Cliff Coffins of the Bo People
Junlian Karst Cave Scenic Spot
Stone Sea and Cave Town (Shihaidongxiang Town)
The Green Bamboo Sea in Shunan Nature Preservation Zone
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