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In the southeast of Sichuan - the Land of Abundance, there is an ancient but vigorous city located in the middle of Expressway Chengdu-Chongqing which is like a jade belt connecting two mega-cities of economic centers - Chengdu and Chongqing. It is the well-known Sweet City because of the industry of cane sugar in former days. Now, it is Neijiang - the entrance to east Sichuan, the hometown of painting and calligraphy where Zhang Daqian, a great master of traditional Chinese painting, was born.
The history of Neijiang can be traced back to the late period of Old Stone Age when human activities started to write splendid and brilliant pages in Neijiang. It is a place propitious for giving birth to great men where talents gather. Many great famous daughters and sons of Neijiang have contributed vivacity to the booming culture of Neijiang, such as the master of Confucius Chonghong, the famous poet Jiadao in Tang Dynasty, Zhao Zhenji (Dazhou) - the prime minister in Ming Dynasty, Zhang Daqian - a great master of traditional Chinese painting, and General Yu Peilun in the Revolution of 1911. Countless in the city are historic sites, cultural relics, temple buildings, Buddhist temples and monasteries, pavilions, tower shadows and bridge rainbows, and ancient folk houses. In Chonglong Mountain of Zizhong there are many cultural relics and beautiful landscapes; the Provincial Chonglong Mountain-Baiyun Gorges Scenic Spot, is a place integrating three Lakes of Weiyuan with mountains, rare rocks, springs, ancient monasteries and forests; In the Bainiuzhai Scenic and Historic Spot, there is Shengshui Temple - the first temple in the middle of Sichuan, Zhang Daqian Memorial enjoying a reputation at home and abroad, well-preserved cliff structures of Xiyan Moya, and famous towns in history and culture at provincial levels; Scenic areas of interest such as Town of Iron Buddha and Luoquan Town are constantly attracting tourists of home and abroad. The city is rich in natural products with snacks of flavor and native products of distinctions which are not only involved with confects, preserved fruits, soy preserved turnips, etc.
As one of the birthplaces of the well-known cultures of the middle of Sichuan, Neijiang has preserved a large number of cultural relics interspersed by the glitter of natural landscapes, which forms the tourism resources of Neijiang. With 28 scenic areas, over 180 scenic spots and 1,176 cultural-relic spots in varieties, this beautiful and rich city radiates vigor, tenderness and elegance at all times and people can feel its vitality even from the soughing wind and clues of spring in the air.

Xilin Temple
Zhang Daqian Memorial
Guyu Lake Scenic and Interest Area
Longchang Cloud Top Stockade
Longchang Clusters of Archways
Yangtze River Forest Park
Chonglong-Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot
Luoquan Ancient Town
Zizhong Confucian Temple
Ancient Town of Iron Buddha
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