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Deyang City is located in the northwest part of Chengdu Plain, which adjoins Suining City in the east, Chengdu City and Neijiang City in the south, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in the west, Mianyang City in the north, across 103°45'-105°15' east longitudes and 30°31'-31°42' north latitudes.
There are various terrene forms in the region, including hills with famous mountains standing among peaks embracing legendary springs and karstic caves as well as broad lakes, rampant forests with wild animals and plants and breathtaking bamboo fields.
The area of the city with 5,954 k㎡ and 3.8 M population seems like a diamond ranging from the northwest to the southeast, extending 162 km long., 62 km wide.
As one of the birthplace of the Shu civilization in the history, Deyang region, consisting of Luo County (now Guanghan City) and Shifang County as well as Mianzhu County comprising Deyang County, was governed by Guanghan County in 201 BC in Western Han Dynasty and chronologically belonged to Yizhou in the third year of Wude’s reign in Tang Dynasty and Hanzhou as well as Deyang Jun and Chengdu, etc. After the foundation of the PRC, Mianyang chronically governed Deyang region. Deyang City was established in 1983.
The developed traffic network has been established around the city center on the basic traffic network of railways and expressways, including Baoji-Chengdu Railway and Daxian-Chengdu Railway, and Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway across the region as well as the developed highways connecting all counties and villages. The rate of well pavement and the proportion of qualified highways in nation standard have been listed as the forerunner in the Sichuan Province, which have basically made conditions of cement pavements and pitch roads covering all villages come true. The modern telecommunication system comprising mobile communication system and cable telephone system and wireless beeper communication system as well as city telephone network and satellite transmission stations has been rapidly developed.

Confucian Temple (Wenmiao) in Deyang
Art corridor in Deyang city
Sanxingdui Museum
The nave mural painting in Longju Temple
Tombs sub Ganju Roof Beam Precipice
Tombs in Tianping Liangzi Precipice
Huang Jiguang Memorial Museum
Pangtong Shrine in Luojiang
Li Diaoyuan Memorial Museum
Ying Huashan Mountain in Shifang
Zhuge's Loyal Shrine
New Year Picture Museum of Mianzhu
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