The Celebrities in Sichuan
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The Celebrities in Sichuan

The magnificent mountains and rivers in the land of Bashu gestate numerous outstanding people, for instance, the pioneers of inundation treatment Dayu, Kaiming Shi, Li Bing and his son; astronomers Chang Hong, Luo Xiahong, Yang Xiong, Liang Lingcuan, Yuan Tiangang, Zhang Sixun; “The greatest mathematician of all dynasties in China” Qin Jiushao; Wen Weng, who sets the vogue of education, Yan Yangchu, the civil educator in recent times; historians like Qiao Zhou, Chenshou, Chang Qu; litterateurs like Sima Xiangru, Yang Xiong, Wang Bao; the excellent poet Li Bai, “the unique outstanding figure” Chen Ziang, the hermit poet Tang Qiu; “poet writing flower scene” Wen Tingjun, Wei Zhuang; Su’ Family, who are among “eight prominent poets in Tang and Song dynasties”, Wen Tong, the versatile man; Yang Sheng’an and Yu Ji, both having encyclopedic knowledge and many works; Fei Mi, Peng Duanshu, Li Diaoyuan and Zhang Wentao of Qing Dynasties; Guo Moruo, Li Jieren, Ba Jin, Sha Ting, Ai Wu and He Qifang in recent and modern times; Ke Fei and Zhou Keqin, the writers in contemporay times, Wei Minglun, the innovator of dramas, etc. The talents in Bashu are uncountable and exist in each Dynasties.
The splendid mountains and rivers in Land of Bashu attracted so many celebrities and poets since ancient times. “The prominent poet Du Fu”, whose works written in Sichuan count for more than a half of his work, and in Sichuan, he experienced his peak and mature periods of poem writing. Other well-known poets including Gao Shi, Cen Shen, Yuan Zhen, Liu Yuxi, Bai Juyi, Lu You, Huang Tingjian, and Fan Cheng, went to the Shu kingdom to make friends, read poemns, and also travel among the mountains ad rivers. Edified by the unique customs of Bashu and its magnificent sceneries, their poem writings tinged with obvious characteristics of Bashu, leaving many much-told stories and relics of cultural value, with the verse “All the poets have written poems in Sichuan”.
The beautiful and splendid mountains and rivers in Land of Bashu, has nurtured so many talents whose names last for hundreds of years. Among the six sacrificed gentlemen in “Wu Xu Reform”, two of whom are from Sichuan - Yang Rui and Liu Guangdi; Zou Rong, “The pioneer in revolution”, whose book Soldiers in Revolution is praised as “the first proclamation in Chinese bourgeois’ democratic revolution”; Wu Yuzhang, Peng Jiazhen, Yu Peilun and Zhang Lan are all the pioneers from Sichuan in revolution advancing wave upon wave for liberation; Zhu De, who sets the career of New China and also the main initiator of PLA, marshal Chen Yi, the founder of New China, Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of china’s reform and opening up, and Luo Ruiqing, the marshal who experienced many important battles, etc.

The Celebrities in Sichuan
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