Zhongyan Scenic Spot
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Zhongyan Scenic Spot
Zhongyan Scenic Spot

It is a provincial scenic spot, located at the eastern bank of Minjiang River that is 9 km away from the south of Qingshen County. Zhongyan is also named Cilao Mountain, including Shangyan Cuigong Temple, Zhongyan Jingde Buddha Hall and Xiayan Cilao Temple, which are collectively referred to as “Zhongyan”. It is said that Zhongyan is a Buddhist rite established by Hanjuna, the No. Five of the sixteen Arhats, which came into being in Jin Dynasty, and became prosperous in Tang and Song Dynasty. In historic records, it is described as “the beautiful rocks and ravines stand comparison with Emei Mountain”.
Zhongyan is famous for its scenic spots and historical sites in all ages, such as Overlook at Riverside, Su Dongpo call fishes, Tiger Yielded Platform, Thousand Buddha Corridor, Immortal Flies across, Jade Spring Flow Cup, Stone Inscriptions and Tablet Forest, Lingyan Stalagmite, etc.. The three peaks stand tall and lofty like jade bamboo shoots. Danyan precipice looks like being cut by divine ax. Water splashes in jade springs and green pools. Fish pond, rocks and trees are quiet and mysterious. So many fascinating scenes win praise of numerous poets and scholars. It has enjoyed a good fame of “Best Forest and Spring in West Sichuan” and “Miniature Mountain E’mei in West Sichuan”.

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