Longhu Mountain Cliff-side Sculpture
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Longhu Mountain Cliff-side Sculpture
Longhu Mountain Cliff-side Sculpture

Longhu Mountain Cliff-side Sculpture is the provincial relics protection unit, which is located on Longhu Mountain of Tanghe Township that is 5 km away from the north of Danleng County. The cliff-side sculpture is the sculpture of Taoism. It has 47 sculptures of Taoism. As it was built by the female Taoist named Cheng Wuwei during Kaiyuan Years of Tang Dynasty, the style was influenced by Taoism. Except the sculptures that tell the stories such as “Emperor Wudi of the Western Han Dynasty offers sacrifice to Nian gazing mountain”, most are sculptures of Laojun, Spirit, waiters and providers, with a number of several hundred. There is a tablet of “Pine and Cypress Inscriptions” written by Yang Ling in the Ninth Tianbao Year of Tang Dynasty (AD 750), with the title of “Longhu Mountain”. The legend said that it was the own handwriting of the Emperor Xiaozong of Song Dynasty. The No. 22 and 23 sculptures are most delicate.

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