Fairy Mountain Scenic Spot
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Fairy Mountain Scenic Spot
Fairy Mountain Scenic Spot

Fairy Mountain, which was called Pengmeng Mountain in ancient time, is a provincial scenic spot. It was the place where eight hundred years old longevo Pengzu and his daughter cultivated their moral character, and it is also one of the cradles of the world’s longevity and health preserving culture and tea culture. Fairy Mountain is located at Jiangkou Township of Pengshan County. The topography is extremely wonderful, with mysterious layout. It was surrounded by mountains. The isolated peak at the center is lofty and abrupt. The strike of mountain range connects open land end to end in continuous undulating form, as if female and male fish embraced each other. The “male fish” mountain extends from low to high, while the “female fish” mountain extends from high to low, which is coincident with Taiji principle of “yangqi upwards, yinqi downwards”. A natural three-dimensional Taiji picture is formed. Pengzu Tomb is just located at the eye of the male fish. The double Buddha with an equal height to the mountain is built in Kaiyuan Years of Tang Dynasty. One is standing, the other one is sitting. Both are exquisitely shaped. The height of standing Buddha Sakyamuni is 28 m, which ranks number eight in the world. The height of the sitting Buddha Tathagata is 24 m. The scale of the double Buddha is second to none in China.
The Health Preserving Temple with most mysterious color of Fairy Mountain, where the secret of the four health preserving methods of Pengzu is exhibited through the forms of real objects, graphics context, stone inscriptions, explanation, etc.. It is the quintessence of his longevity and health preserving culture.
In this scenic spot, there are three mountains: Fairy Mountain, Elephant Ear Mountain and Sleeping Buddha Mountain; four lakes: Fairy Lake, General Lake, Taibai Lake and Natural Lake; three rivers: Jinjiang River, Wuyang River and Xianjiang River as well as Shilong Waterfall. The cultural relics and historic sites include six tombs such as Pengzu Tomb, Cliff Tomb in East Han Dynasty, etc.; five resorts such as Flying Bridge of Pengzu’s Daughter, Wuyang Tea Market in Han Dynasty, Reading Platform of Li Bai in Tang Dynasty, etc.; four sites such as Health Preserving and Exercise Platform of Pengzu, King of Shu Kingdom Kaiming Returned to Xizhai, etc.; and numerous cliff-side sculptures, represented by Elephant Ear Temple, Huiguang Temple, Bishan Temple and Jiangkou Shilong.

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