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Sansu Temple
Sansu Temple

Sansu Temple is the former residence of the father and two sons of the Sun family, namely Su Xun (also Laoquan), Su Shi (also Dongpo), Su Zhe (also Yingbin), all of whom are the famous litterateurs in Bei Song Dynasty (960-1127). This temple is located in the Shagou Lane, the southwest corner of Meishan Town. With Chengdu City in the north for a distance of 70 km, and Leshan City and Emei Mountain in the south for 60 km, this temple is one of the hot spots for cultural tourism on the tourism line between Chengdu City and Leshan City. In the Yuan Dynasty, the memorial was built to commemorate the Su’s on the basis of their former residence. It was expanded in the year of Hong Wu in the Ming Dynasty, and was destroyed in the warfare of the late Ming Dynasty when only five steles, one bell and one well were left. It was reconstructed to the scale of the Ming Dynasty on its former site in the fourth year of Kang Xi Emperor’s reign (1665). Thereafter, increment and restoration are made by successive generations, and by now its area is up to 56,800 m2. On July 7, 1980, the people’s government of Sichuan province announced it as key cultural relic preservation site. In April. 1984, “San Su Museum of Meishan City” was founded. 
Since its construction in the Yuan Dynasty, this temple has been the assembly lieu for writers, literates and the general populace to worship and offer sacrifice to the literary masters. After several hundred years of building, with red walls surrounding, green water lingering, ancient trees flourishing, and emerald bamboo complementing, the memorial has posed a fashion of island environment for “water characterizing 60 percent while bamboo 40 percent” while dotted with primary and elegant towers and pavilions and meaningful stele inscriptions and antithetical couplets.     
Sansu Temple is world famous for Su Xun, the father, Su Shi and Su Zhe, the sons.  Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe are all listed in “Eight Great Writers of the Tang and Song Period” because of their outstanding creative ability and brilliant literature achievements. Their works are masterpieces both in the past and today. They are well versed in literature. Their works can be traced to the same origin, while at the same time have respective unique features. People evaluated them as “Su Xun weighs every word, Su Shi’s works are bold and unconstrained, and Su Zhe’s works are simple and elegant”. Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe led an honest and clean life. They were straightforward, care about the fate of their country, showed sympathy for common people, and did lots of good things for them.
Sansu Temple has preserved a batched of cultural relics since Ming and Qing Dynasty. Since the establishment of Sansu Memorial in 1959, the cultural relics and literature about Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe have been more widely collected. At present there are 5,188 pieces of cultural relics in the museum, of which there are 3,256 pieces (volumes) of collected works of Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe that are imprinted in the past dynasties and related ancient books, 478 pieces of copybook rubbings, 1,044 pieces of painting and calligraphy in Ming and Qing Dynasty and modern times, 325 pieces of ceramic and other kinds of relics. There are 68 kinds, 145 pieces of inscriptions on tablets in Tablet Pavilion. In the temple there are rare works such as inscriptions or their rubbings of four famous tablets “Fengle Pavilion”, “The Pavilion of the Drunken Old Man”, “Biaozhongguan Tablet” and “Luochi Temple Tablet”. There also have rhinoceros horn cup of Ming Dynasty, ivory brush holder and porcelain vase of Qing Dynasty, etc.. All these are precious information for the study of Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe and for exhibition.

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