Jiuzhou Pagoda
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Jiuzhou Pagoda
Jiuzhou Pagoda

Jiuzhou Pagoda is located on Jiuzhou Dam on Minjiang River about 3 km away from Yibin. It was built from the first year of Chongning to the third year of Daguan during the Northern Song Dynasty(1102-1109). It looks exactly similar to the Small Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an;It is also called Jiuzhou White Pagoda and it is one of the most famous ancient pagodas in Sichuan. For a long time the pagoda has been standing there, watching the setting sun as fishing boats coming and going, and birds flying back to their nests. The ancient pagoda in the setting sun is one of the famous Eight Ancient Sceneries of Yibin.
Jiuzhou Pagoda is an ancient square building of three stairs with a hollow middle and dense roof. It is made of bricks stuck with earth and without stone foundations. Its bottom floor is very big and its roof was built with layers sticking out which is similar to the pagoda in Hongsheng Temple in Dali, Yunan Province. Jiuzhou Pagoda is 29.5 m high in total, and each side of the bottom floor is 7.23 m long. The pagoda is narrower and narrower from the second floor to the 13th floor and the higher it gets the narrower it becomes. There are two platforms in the shape of trapezoid after the 13th floor which gives the pagoda a nice profile. The whole shape of the pagoda has a pleasant ratio and it is tinged with a strong religious style and an Indian and Burmese architectural style. Another special thing about the pagoda is that it was built only with bricks and earth on the bank of Minjiang River without any stone foundation, and it has lasted for more than nine hundred years without tilting or being destroyed. It is really a miracle of ancient architecture.
During the Anti-Japanese War, Liang Sicheng, Mo Zongjiang and other famous architects of China came here and all of them gave high praise to it.

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