Chonglong-Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot
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Chonglong-Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot
Chonglong-Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot

Baiyun Mountain is located 20 km from the Zizhong County, with 108 peaks among which the main peak stands at the sea level of 737 m. For rolling ridges and peaks which are lofty and green, it is called Forest Sea In the Middle of Sichuan. Vast stretches of forests take an area of more than 6,700 hectares. For tens of hundreds of meters in length and breadth and undulating mountain woods, these forests which are of fresh air, quietness and coolness extend as far as the eye can reach. More than 30 scenic spots are formed because of remote woods, quiet valleys, precipices, cliffs, green ponds and streams. The Baiyun Lake between valleys is 6,000m long and 50-200m wide with green surface of tranquility and cliffs and jagged rocks along the bank, which forms a beautiful picture. The well-known Eight Scenic Spots in Baiyun Mountain refer to Bamboo Shadow with Spring Flagrance, Sea Watching in Clouds, Boating on Green Lake, Shadows Along the Pond, Orioles in Remote Valleys, Pine Wind All Over the Way, Floating Whale in Forest Sea and Stone Path Towered to Sky.
On the Chonglong Mountain situated in the northeast of Zizhong County, there are steepy hills, green woods thick grasses, blooming flowers, boundless mists, and a lot of cultural relics and sites. Temples and pavilions had been built in the dynasties after Tang Dynasty. The existing major building is the Yongqing Temple which was scaled down in Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in Qing Dynasty. There are cliff sculptures of Tang Dynasty in the north of the mountain.
Located in the northern slopes of Chonglong Mountain, cliff sculptures on the Mountain are the Cultural Relic under Provincial-level Protection. The sculptures were built in the fourth year of Jianzong’s reign of Tang Dynasty. They are distributed in Junziquan and Ancient Beiyanliang where there are 172 niches and 1713 sculptures in Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. These sculptures are mainly figures of Buddha with main themes of Kwain-yin, Dizang, Buddha of Medicine, and Pure-land Belief. There are also a few Taoism sculptures on the cliffs such as the “The Master of Taoism and his Green Oxen”. The carving skills of these statues embody various styles with either rough or exquisite forms, all of which bring about vivid images and smooth lines.

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