Zhang Daqian Memorial
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Zhang Daqian Memorial
Zhang Daqian Memorial

The Memorial for Zhang Daqian—the great master of Chinese paintings lies on the side of Xilin Temple. It takes on a typical look as a copied garden architecture of ancient dwellers in grandeurs and ancient styles. Exhibits in the Memorial are involved with hundreds of articles concerning life story, works and historical data about Zhang Daqian, calligraphy works of excellent painters from home and abroad like Liu Haisu and celebrities. In the First Exhibition Hall, there is a life-like bust statue of Zhang Daqian sculptured with exquisite techniques. It is molded for Hong Kong’s celebrate Chen Zhejing who is the famous collector, sculptor, and Chairman of New York American Chinese Art Study Society, with Zhang Daqian himself as the model. The statue is much more precious because it was the first time in Zhang Daqian’s life that he hired someone to mold this statue with himself as the model.
The memorial occupies an area of 2 hectares with the foundation laid in 1987. It is opened to visitors in Sept 1992 with a construction area of 1,060 m2. The three-dimensional building include High-Wind Hall, Painting Garden and additional facilities such as galleries, pavilions, sheds, pools, and artificial hills, with the layout patterned in three-sided courtyard house and courtyard house. It is quite attractive for the style of folk house of ethnic groups. There is a bronze statue of Zhang Daqian sculptured in the Middle Hall, where one can enjoy the paintings and writings of Zhang Daqian and Zhan Shanzi hung on the walls of the both sides respectively. Words on the stele in the front entrance “Neijiang Zhang Daqian Memorial” were inscribed by General Zhang Xueliang. Art works in various periods in Zhang Daqian's life are collected and exhibited in the Memorial where the introduction is also made to the achievements and career of art of this master in Chinese paintings.

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