Xilin Temple
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Xilin Temple
Xilin Temple

The Temple, situated on the Xilin Mountain at the eastern bank of Tuojiang River in the north of the city area, is the Buddhist temple. It was established in Song Dynasty, expanded into two temples in Ming Dynasty but destroyed in the ravage of war later. In Qing Dynasty, three temples were rebuilt with Taibai Pavilion constructed in the front hill of the Xilin Temple. Presently, the temple and Taibai Pavilion have all been repaired into a brand-new form. Thus, it becomes the well-known Xilin Park in Neijiang City.
Construction of the Temple began in the sixth year of Xianchun reigns in Song Dynasty (1270) and completed in Ming Dynasty. As it had been burnt down because of the disaster of war, the Temple was reconstructed with three temples newly built. It occupies an area of over 8,000 m2 with the building area more than 1,500 m2. Buildings of the main body consist of Kwan-yin Hall, Daxiongbaodian Hall and Wenchang Hall. Additional buildings include official houses, main halls, linking halls, and Buddhist Institutes (the old site). The memorial archway with the name of Baizhangming built in Ming Dynasty has one gate sided by two columns with simplicity. The “Wisdom Resource” newly built on the right side of the temple gate is of refined and charming appearance. Carving stones of calligraphy works of Zhao Zhenji and Liu Xiangyan of Ming Dynasty can be found everywhere along the stone steps to the temple gate. Around the Temple, there are ancient pines that reach into sky and green woods with a 1,500 m2 nursery and a 3,000 m2 nursery reclaimed where tens of thousands of garden plants are planted such as camphor of big and small leaves, roses, sweet-scented osmanthus, lotus, grandmyrtle, wintersweet, and peach blossom of three colors. Therefore, a graceful environment is formed so that it is a good place for have relaxation with friends.

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