The Old Residence of Zhu De
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The Old Residence of Zhu De
The Old Residence of Zhu De

A cultural relic under state-level protection, the Old Residence of Zhu De is located in the residence of Zhu clan at the bottom of Linlang Mountain in Ma’an Town of Yilong County. The Old Residence is located in the south and faces the north, occupying a land of more than 200 square meters and it was built at the end of Emperor Jiaqing’s reign of the Qing Dynasty. It is a typical Sichuan storied farmhouse with courtyard house and earth and wooden structure. There is a hall and a kitchen in the front, silkworm room, wine heating room and guest rooms in the east. Some historic relics, like the long desk, oil lamp, pannier for carrying books, abacus, inkstone and other things that Zhu De used for studying when he was young are on display in the house. The clearstory to adjust the temperature and a “Dong Yang Che” to reel silk are still can be seen in the silkworm room. There are also some relics related to Zhu De’s life when he was young, like the grindstone and millstone he used, a Jialing mulberry planted by him and the Linlang Well he dug with his young friends. These precious relics are important to study Zhu De’s life. The Yaopuya Private School and Xijiabian Private School where Zhu De studied when he was young, the former residence and tomb of Zhu De’s parents and a monument of Zhu De’s hometown are also not far away from the Old Residence of Zhu De. The residence is over 30 km away from the county.

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