Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot
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Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot
Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot

Occupying a land of 51.13 km², Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot is a province-level scenic spot located in the southeast of Peng’an County. The scenic spot has two valleys and 26 bends formed by two mountains, seven villages and 33 peaks with mountains and rocks on top. In the forest there are mainly arbors like pines, cypresses, firs and camphors accompanied with more than four hundred kind of shrubs, vines, flowers and grass. There are more than 30 different wild animals like egrets, eagles, owls, pheasants and foxes. Yangliugou Virgin Forest has a primitive look with flourishing shrubs, strangely shaped rocks and winding brooks. The scenic spot has landscape varying in different seasons. In the spring, hundreds of birds sing in hundreds of blossoming flowers; in the summer, all the mountains are covered with red flowers among green trees; in the autumn, the mandarins are ripe and red and peonies are in blossom; in the winter, it is a beautiful white world covered with snow.
Baiyun Lake and Yingcui Lake are like glittering pearls inlaid in the jade green forests in Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot with radiating beauty. Jade Rabbit Stone, Toad Stone, Snail Stone and Cucurbit Stone got their names from their shapes. Many cultral attractions like Guzai Wall, Laisu Temple, Dengzhan Rock and Couple Rock all have been related to moving tales. Many people go to Guanyin Temple and the Jintian Temple which has a reputation of being a sister temple of Emei Mountain to offer sacrifice and pray for blessing. Sima Xiangru, a famous prose writer in Han Dynasty, Su Dongpo, a famous peot in Song Dynasty and Zhang Fei, a famous general during the Three Kingdoms Period all left their footprints there.

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