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Xishan Scenic Spot
Xishan Scenic Spot

Xishan Scenic Spot, a province-level scenic spot, is located in the western suburbs of Nanchong. The Wufeng Mountain, Rentou Mountain, Guanbao Mountain, Xile Mountain, Huofeng Mountain, Ma’an Mountain and Chaqi Mountain in the scenic spot are like a green screen around the west of the city. The Xihe River winds around the bottom of the mountains, which makes a natural scenery of mountains,water and green trees.  And it always has a beautiful reputation of “Xishan Beautiful Scenery”. Located in the main area of the scenic spot is Chengshou Wanjuan Tower, Wufeng Mountain Scenic Spot, Guanbao Mountain Recuperation Area and Guoshan Mountain Scenic Spot.
Xishan is a famous place of interest in Nanchong, which not only boasts of the legend about Xie Ziran ascending to Heaven but also the tradition of the Nanchong people “climbing Xishan on the 3rd of March”. Three of the eight ancient scenes of Nanchong are to be found there. “The Moon on the Golden Spring” has a fairy tale that the spring was formed by Yuan Tiangang with a golden hairpin. “The Autumn Scenery of the Guoshan Mountain” is famous for its fruits all over the mountains and woods of silver chains giving people coolness in the autumn; “The Fairy Pond of Xile” is on the top of a mountain, and the water in it is always clean and full even if there is a drought, and according to the change of the water, people can forecast the weather. Most of the cultural relics and historic sites since the Han Dynasty are in Xishan. Xue Tao, a female poet of the Tang Dynasty, and Lu You, a famous poet of the Song Dynasty were once lived in Xishan and they left many poems to praise Xishan’s beauty.

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