Nuoshui River, National Scenic Spot
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Nuoshui River, National Scenic Spot
Nuoshui River, National Scenic Spot

The Nuoshui River National Scenic Spot lies in Tongjiang County, the “Town of Tremella” in the northeast of Sichuan Province. It locates within 107°4′~107°27′east longitude and  32°16′~32°33′north latitude, extending 35 km long from east to west, 18 km wide from south to north and with altitude of 500~2088.6 m. It covers an area of 525 km² sharing the border with Hanzhong, Shanxi Province, the “Lock in Qinchuan” in the east, and “ Jianmen Shu Road” on the west. The Scenic Spot is passed through by several beautiful rivers and springs. Steep cliff, grotesque rocks, passes, valleys, waterfalls, and underground rivers create a fascinating landscape. Abundant cultural relics left by Red Army and the thousand-year-old history also attract many tourists. It was approved by the State Council as the National Scenic Spot in China.
The Nuoshui River Scenic Spot is divided into three separate sightseeing zones, the “Nuoshu Fairland”, “Linjiang Valley”, and “Kongshantianpen”, which are arranged in curve and together with the Red Army City in Tongjiang constitute a circle tourist route. Many renowned cultural sites are distributed in this area, such as the Leiguzhai New Stone Age Culture Site, the Ba Culture Site in Luanba Temple, Qianfo Rock, Bairu Stream Rock Cave Statue of Tang Dynasty, Saide Han City, which is an important fortification in history, Mabazhai, the base camp for Haoyi Troops of Bailian Cult, Wulong Jade group tombstones of Qing Dynasty, etc

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