The Reading Platform of Chen Zi’ang
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The Reading Platform of Chen Zi’ang
The Reading Platform of Chen Zi’ang

20 km from the backside of Jinhua Mountain in Taihe Town, Shehong County, the Reading Platform of Chen Zi’ang, under Provincial-level Protection, locates in Wugang Mountain and attracts a lot of tourists. The famous poet Chen Zi’ang in Tang Dynasty (661-702), also called Boyu, was born in Shehong, Sichuan. In the 6th year of Tang Dynasty (771), the governor of west Sichuan, Li Shuming built a stele in Chen Zi’ang’s hometown to commemorate the outstanding poet forever, and named the place “The Reading Platform”. And more pavilions and towers were built later to honor the famous poet. There are characters written on the front gate saying “Ancient Site of Reading Platform”, and a stele standing in front of the gate with characters saying “Site Chen Boyu’s Reading Place”. In the garden, there is a statue of Chen and a stele outside on which the poem extolling Chen Zi’ang by Dufu were engraved.

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