The Porcelain Ware Museum of Song Dynasty in Suining
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The Porcelain Ware Museum of Song Dynasty in Suining
The Porcelain Ware Museum of Song Dynasty in Suining

Situated in the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Suining, the Porcelain Ware Museum of Song Dynasty covers 8,000 ㎡ with a construction area of 5,000㎡. The total capital outlay reaches ¥10.9 million. The shape of it is very special as it looks like a piece of porcelain ware to be unearthed. With Song Porcelain-ware Hall, Painting and Calligraphy Hall, and exhibition hall for personal collections in the museum, it can be used for studying cultural relics, exhibition, and students’ education in patriotism. It is an educational site combined with culture, relaxation & recreation, and tourism, and also the highlight of traveling in Suining.
Among the 214 pieces of Song porcelain ware, including the porcelain-ware named Heye Gai Guan (the pot with lotus leaf-shaped lid), and Qing You Mei Ping (Green-glazed Vase with Plum Flowers), although of different shapes and different colors, are all unearthed from the cache in Song Dynasty in Jinyu Village, Suining, in 1991, which is the largest cache in Song Dynasty discovered in China so far. There are 1005 culture relics unearthed in this cache hoard in total, including 985 pieces of porcelain ware produced by more than seven or eight kilns, which made a sensation among the archeologists and collectors at home and aboard. Green-glazed Porcelain wares of the Longquan Cache and the porcelain wares of the Jingde Town Cache unearthed in Jinyu Village stunned the world with its large quantity, variety and fine quality, which are also regarded as the standard and typical porcelain wares of Jingde Town Cache. For the masculine shape and the simple and elegant style with the slight and smooth green color, the Green-glazed Porcelain is said to be the perfect porcelain ware as it is as green as mountains, as smooth as ice and jade in color and glaze.
In order to let the visitors to have a better understanding of the Song porcelain wares, the museum sets an excavation site in the middle of the hall. Except the sand used for covering, all of the Song porcelain wares buried half in sand are genuine. And every porcelain ware in the museum has a brief introduction beside. The common exhibitions include: the Fine Collections in Song Dynasty, the Pottery Culture in Han Dynasty, Porcelain Wares of Longquan Cache, Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphies, all of which are of full value for visiting. And there are also a variety of temporary exhibitions here.

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