The White Pagoda of the Song Dynasty
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The White Pagoda of the Song Dynasty
The White Pagoda of the Song Dynasty

The White Pagoda of the Song Dynasty was originally called “Wu Liang Precious Pagoda”, which was built a thousand years ago during the year of Jianlong in the Northern Song Dynasty (960). It is located at Heming Mountain Scenic Spot of Gaoping District of Nanchong and in Shunqing District you can get a view of its grand profile standing at the west end of the Jialing River Bridge.
The White Pagoda is 39.56 m high, and it is a thirteen-floor brick pagoda with an imitation of wooden Miyan style. The square pagoda is unique in shape and excellent in skills with high cultural and artistic value. It is a cultural relic under province-level protection and one of the “Eight Sceneries of Chongcheng”.
The White Pagoda is a pavilion style brick Pagoda with a Xumizuo stone base and carvings of dragons and kylins. There are thirteen floors in total and on the first floor, there is an arched gate. There are shrines with statues on each floor. In total there are 93 shrines, ten gates and nine windows. All the sides of the pagoda were painted white, and poles, fillets and arches were painted yellow, which looks colorful and glorious in the sun. The top of the pagoda is like a millstone made of iron, which is round and hollow in the middle, and it not only can prevent the pagoda from being destroyed by lightning but also let people climb to the top of the pagoda to enjoy a view of Nanchong in the distance. “Climbing to the top to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains around; listening to the sound of the bell fading away” is another famous scenery of Nanchong.

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