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Wanjuan Tower
Wanjuan Tower

Wanjuan Tower is located in the Xishan Scenic Spot of Nanchong, where Chen Shou, a famous historian in the West Jin Period and the author of “The History of The Three Kingdoms”, studied when he was young. Wajuan Tower was built in the years of Jianxing of  Shu-Han Empire’s reign(222-237). It was built on rocks and has a wooden and stone structure with three layers of eaves, looking very grand with suspended eaves and arches. A group of constructions has been formed after Ganlu Temple was built in front of it in Tang Dynasty. It looks like a beautiful painting with flourishing ancient trees, a canopy of green bamboo and brooks winding through. It is a pity that it was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution; the existing Wanjuan Tower was rebuilt in the 1990s’.
Wanjuan Tower is made up of Chen Shou Studying Tower, Chen Shou Memorial and Book Collection Tower, which looks grand and brilliant and occupies a construction area of 2,400㎡. There are three sections of the tower, the front tower, the middle tower and the back tower, with a style of traditional Chinese architecture. A huge inscription with the golden characters“The Wanjuan Tower” by Zhao Puchu, the president of the Chinese Buddhist Association and the vice president of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, brings more glory to the tower. A five meter high and 1 ton bronze statue of Chen Shou with bamboo slip in his hands stands vividly in the centre of the yard of Wanjuan Tower.
“The History of The Three Kingdoms” and other writings, paintings, charts, photos and real objects on display in the memorial introduce in detail Chen Shou’s lifetime of frustrations, his books and the influence he had on later generations. The sixteen frescos about the historical facts in “The History of The Three Kingdom” around the tower is one of the wonder in China. The line carving frescos imitating rubbing-style of the Han Dynasty and telling the stories of the Three Kingdoms in the northern and southern corridors and couplets of calligraphies and paintings created by famous calligraphers and painters for Wanjuan Tower have been highly praised by tourists, for they feel that as if they are really in the Three Kingdoms.
Wanjuan Tower has many collections of high artistic, academic, historic and tourist value. It has greatly encouraged people to study and promote the culture of the Three Kingdoms and impelled the communication between the culture of the Three Kingdoms and the folk culture of the world.

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