Jueyuan Temple – a Pearl on the Ancient Shu Road
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Jueyuan Temple – a Pearl on the Ancient Shu Road
Jueyuan Temple – a Pearl on the Ancient Shu Road

Facing the Xihe River, Jueyuan Temple is located in Wulian Town, Jiange County, 43 km from the county. Chuanshan Highroad passes in the middle of Wuhou Slope one Li away from the temple. First built during the year of Zhenguan in Tang Dynasty with a name of Hongji Temple, it was renamed as Jueyuan Temple in the year of Yuanfeng in Song Dynasty. It now has three main halls and two side ones. The three halls are constructed on axes, with Tianwan Hall located in the front, Daxiongbaodian Hall in the middle and Kwan-yin Hall in the back. The east and west side halls are arranged symmetrically. With an area of 1,957㎡, the temple looks utterly majesty with front gate facing south.
On the 3.5 m high walls of the Daxiongbaodian Hall there are 16 delicate pictures, 200 color paintings, of which each is entitled with four characters written in Chinese ink. At the end of the frescos, there are overall one hundred seventy square meters paintings of the portraits of Jingzhi, the master of the temple and his disciples such as Monk Dafang. These exquisite frescos, covering a wide range of topics, were painted and glided in large-scale. Therefore, they are still charming and resplendent even hundreds of years later. Myriads of literators were attracted to visit Jueyuan Temple and were intoxicated with the beauty of these frescos. In May, 1986, Shao Yu, an outstanding artist was greatly impressed by these frescos and said with emotion that “these paintings were drawn with skill. They are the best of frescos in Ming Dynasty and even the paintings of Qiuying and Tangyin cannot match with them. If the painters were handicraftsman, they must be artist with great accomplishments.” Huang Xiang, a prominent photographer, highly appraised the frescos, and wrote characters meaning “the pearl on Ancient Shu Road”.

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