Jianmen Ancient Shu Road Scenic Spot
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Jianmen Ancient Shu Road Scenic Spot
Jianmen Ancient Shu Road Scenic Spot

Jianmen Ancient Shu Road Scenic Spot is one of the first 24 Key Scenic Spots approved by the State Council in 1984.  Located in the north of Sichuan, it extends from Mt. Dingjunshan in the north of Shanxi to the south of Chengdu, with a length of 420 kilometers. Along the ancient Shu road, there are famous touring sites such as the Temple of Marquis Wu, The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Wangjian Tomb, Sanxingdui Relics, Mt. Fu’le Mountain, Qiqushan Grand Temple, Jueyuan Temple, Cuiyun Corridor, Jianmen Pass,Zhaohua Ancient City, Huangze Temple, Cliff of thousand Buddha, Bright Moon Valley, Qipan Pass, Shuangzhong Ancestral Temple, Mt. Dingjunshan within Jianmen Ancient Shu Road Scenic Spot. Positioned in Guangyuan and Mianyang of Sichuan, the Jianmen Ancient Shu Scenic Spot consists of touring sites linked by “the Ancient Shu Road” which stretches in the endless Qinling Ranges, Mt. Bashan, and Mt. Minshan. “Ancient Shu Road” is a 150 km long old pathway starting from Hanzhong, Ningqiang of Shanxi Province to Guangyuan, Jiange, Zitong in Sichuan. Although it was an important strategic place, there is also beautiful scenery and historic sites. It is best known for the integration of both natural scenery and historic sites.
This area belongs to the transitional zones of Sichuan Basin and Qingzang Plateau. It covers Yangzihuai Terrace and Qinling-Bashan Fold Belt in the south and north, and situates in the joint area of Longmen Mountain Fold Belt and the intermediate belt of Dabashan Mountain in the east and west. There cultural landscape including passes, planks, Moya sculptures, frescos in the temples, relics of the ancient people, old architecture and famous cities and natural landscape including perilous peaks, impregnable passes, cragged ridges and peaks, steep barrancas, canyons and rivers, man-made lakes, age-old trees. The places worth mentioning include the long Jinniu Old Road, the rugged old plank road built along the cliff, the majestic passes, exquisite Moya sculptures, precious fresco in temples, the widely distribution of ancestral relics, unique-styled buildings, magnificent cliffs and peaks, old trees.

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