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Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Situated in the southeast rim of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the west part of Sichuan Province, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Ganzi (hereafter referred to as Ganzi Prefecture ) lies between east longitude 98°~102°and north latitude 28°~34°. Ganzi Prefecture is national minority autonomous prefecture mainly relied on Tibetan, which covers the area of 15.37 km2 with a population of 920,000. And it is the first autonomous prefecture of ethnic minority at city level after the foundation of the People's Republic of China.
Ganzi Prefecture is unique in the landform, and mountains and rivers are arranged in a crisscross pattern here, with an average altitude of 2,560 m above the sea level, which is regarded as the alpine and gorges area. In this area, all of the snow-covered mountains, the boundless forest, the blue sky, are free from contamination and noisiness, especially the Rice City of Aden regarded as " the last Shangri-la ", with beautiful scenery and the simple honest and unspoiled people, the core of which is " Nian Qing Gong Ga Ri Song Gong Bu "(Nature Preservation Zone), named in Buddhism as "Sanhuzhu Snow-covered Mountain", which is regarded as “Xiang Ba La” since the ancient times, namely the place for accumulating virtue by all living creature. It is a lifetime wish of most Tibetans who pay pilgrimage on the Sanhuzhu Snow-covered Mountain.
There are 25 nationalities in the Ganzi Prefecture, among which Tibetan is the main one, accounting for 77.84 percent of the total population. Besides, there are other nationalities such as Han, Yi, Hui, Qiang, Nasi, etc. The population of Han is 164,057, accounting for 19.25 percent of the total. Luding County is the only county for the Han people living in concentrated communities, and other Han people live with other nationalities around the prefecture. Yi people accounts for 2.41 percent of the total population, amounting to 20,559 people, mainly distributed in two counties of Jiulong, Luding, particularly in Jiulong County, accounting for 85% of Yi people in Ganzi Prefecture. The social style of Yi People here is roughly the same with Yi of Liangshan Prefecture.
As situated in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the transition area of Sichuan Basin, Ganzi Prefecture has a complete climatic zone, and a complicated topographical landform. Just because of the specific geographical position and climatic conditions, the unique mountain region view, lake view, glacier view, biological view and climate view have been formed. All of the scenic spots here are the masterpiece of the nature, such as the world-wide rare spectacle of modern glacier with low altitude, the mystery of the icefall, the magnificent snow-covered peak spreading golden brightness under sunshine, the intact and primitive virgin forest, the beautiful gorgeous grassland blooming with colorful flowers, The limpid lake which looks like a wonderful mirror, the delicate and pretty gorge, the clean waterfall and spring, the numerous group of hot springs which are praised as " township of the hot spring ". There are well-known national Key Cultural Relics both under State-level Protection and Provincial-level Protection, and more than 500 Tibetan Buddhist temples in this district. The simple and colorful  Tibet’s customs, and the splendid national culture give birth to the extremely abundant human cultural sights, therefore, here is the ideal place for sightseeing, spending holidays, pilgrimage, hot spring recovering, literary and artistic creation, scientific research, climbing, floating, hunting for novelty , and expedition.

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