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Located in the south of Sichuan Province, Zigong has a total area of 4,373 km2 and a population of 320 million. Zigong is considered as a tourist city with fame as the “Home of Dinosaurs”, “Lantern City in South China” and “Salt City”, both at home and abroad. Zigong is also a historic and cultural city in the state.
Zigong tourist resources have their unique features. Dinosaurs, Lantern Festival and salt history are reputed as “three Wonders”. The dinosaur fossils are densely scattered in Zigong area. Zigong Dinosaur Museum was built as the excavation site of dinosaur fossils, which is one of the most famous dinosaur museums in the world; and it is listed as one of the Top Forties Tourism Attractions in China. Zigong Lantern Festival enjoys a high reputation both at home and aboard for its grand scale and magnificent lantern. At Present, Zigong Lantern Festival is promoted as one of the most famous folklore tourism activities throughout the world. China Lantern Museum in Zigong displays the treasures of all previous lantern festival and has become a glamorous and distinctive one for displaying and studying the Oriental Lantern Art. With a salt-making history of over 2,000 years, Ziliujing District acts as a symbol of well-drilling techniques in ancient times all over the world. The first deep well going beyond one thousand meters is Ronghai Well. In addition, the well and the sites of the ancient salt production that are scattered over the city, show the brilliant civilization of human beings. Zigong area offers a great deal of attractions for tourists including Rongxian Giant Buddha, Fushun Confucius Temple, Spindle Tree Firns Valley and Shuangxi Scenic Area.
The main tourist souvenirs of Zigong are the bamboo-woven fan (named Gong Fan), products of dyeing in pricks, folk paper-cuts, and keepsakes of dinosaur, lantern and salt articles. Zigong Sichuan-Opera is well known both in China and in foreign countries. The fascinating tour of Zigong is attracting more and more tourists far and near.

Zigong Dinosaur Museum
Zigong Museum of Salt Industry History
Chinese Lantern Museum
Spindle Trees Valley of Jinhua
Forest Park of High Stone Steps
Shenhai Well
Former Residence of Wu Yuzhang
Giant Buddha in Rong County
Jianshan Scenic Spot
Old Xianshi Town
Shuangxi Lake Scenic Spot
Fushun Confucian Temple
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