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Ziyang, an ancient city with a long history, has emerged lots of heroes who have brought glory to their hometown in return. World-known ancient human skull fossils, unearthed and named archaeologically “Ziyang people” in 1956, show that as early as over 35,000 years ago, hard-working and brave “Ancient People in Sichuan” had inhabited together, worked manually and lived on this land. In history, this land has fostered and brought up many celebrities and ideal integrated people such as Chang Hong-Confucius' teacher and stargazer in East Zhou Dynasty, Wang Bao—“Jianyi Daifu”(an official title in the feudal age ) and a literator in Western Han Dynasty, Dong Jun-an Eastern Han Dynasty economist, Qin Jiushao-a famous ancient mathematician, Jia Dao¬—a well-known poet and famous monk in Tang Dynasty, Shao Zinan—a neoteric, Rao Guohua-a famous anti-Japanese general, Marshal Chen Yi-proletariat revolutionist, militarist, diplomat and poet, revolutionist Chao Diqiu and etc. Ziyang is rich in tourism resources. The Stone Carvings in Anyue County are awarded “Village of Chinese Folk Stone Carving Art” by the National Ministy of Culture, inherited from Dunhuang Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes and Longmen Grottoes and enlighten the Dazu Stone carvings, with a total amount of over 100,000 stone statues. Lezhi County, the hometown of Marshal Chen Yi, where the great revolutionist, militarist and poet was born and grew up, has been witnessing lots of visitors to the former residence of the Marshal both from abroad and at home. Praised as “The Back Garden of Chengdu”, Jianyang City has three tourist attractions, the White Tower in Shengde Temple, Sichuan Provincial Tourist Resort Longquan Lake, and Sichuan famous tourism site Sancha Lake. And Yanjiang District in Ziyang City is the place where the late Paleolithic “Ziyang people” skull fossils were unearthed. The sceneries of the lakes, the former residences of celebrities and the Anyue Stone carvings are the characteristics of the Ziyang tourism.

Sancha Lake
Longquan Lake
Chen Yi Memorial
Famous Temple in Sichuan - Baoguo Temple
Anyue Stone Carvings
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