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Located in the middle of Sichuan Basin, and in the middle reaches of Fu Jiang River, It forms an equidistant triangle with Chengdu and Chongqing. In the 3rd Yonghe year of the reign of Emperor Mudi in East Jin Dynasty (347 AD), after Hengwen conquered Shu, he abolished Deyang Shire, and established another shire named Suining in the southeast of the present Deyang County. Suining gained its name from then on, meaning that stop the chaos and keep peace. In the long history, Suining has always been the center of politics, economy, and culture of Middle Sichuan and has gained several beautiful names such as “the Great City in the east of Sichuan”, “the important town of the Middle Sichuan”, “Petty Chengdu”, etc.
In Suining, there are a lot of beautiful mountains and flowing rivers, as well as other natural resources. It has attracted hundreds and thousands of tourists both from inside and outside of the Country with many scenic spots such as the exquisite Jinhua Mountain, vast Red-City Lake, Lingquan Temple with a history of more than thousand years, Guangde Temple which is known as the first Buddhist temple in the west, and the preciousness fresco named “the Celestial Pictures” in the history. The technique of picking bittern represented by the Zhuotong Well in Daying County, which has been praised as the father of artesian wells for getting petroleum in the world, is regarded as the fifth invention of China, and more than eighteen wells, such as “The Great Shun Kitchen “, have still been well preserved in Suining, telling the tale of the old history.
Suining has produced many men of talents and fostered rich and profound culture. At the beginning of Tang Dynasty, the famous poet Chen Zi’ang started another new epoch of poetry with his lines “The sky and earth forever last, here and now I alone shed tears,”  which has been regarded as the peak of Chinese poetry. History also remembers a famous official named Zhang Penghe, who was said to be the most incorruptible official with outstanding achievements in his position in Qing Dynasty. There were many other famous people such as the famous female poet Huang’e in Ming Dynasty, the famous poet Zhang Wentao in Qing Dynasty, etc.
The industry in Suining is mainly supported by cotton textile industry, the food business, chemical industry, and mechanical industry, the structure of which has already taken its shape as five big listed companies Sichuan Tuopai Group Co. Ltd, Mingxing Electrical Power, Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Industry Co. Ltd, Sichuan Jin Hua, Sichuan Huafang Yinhua , become famous both at home and abroad. Suining is flourishing in trading as it has always been the biggest trade and distribution center in the middle part of Sichuan Province with a huge market. A state - level Commodity Wholesale Center in middle of Sichuan Province and Grand Chuanzhong Market have been established. With powerful financial strength, the financial service system is well established. The key elements of market like labor services, science and technology, information and housing have been playing important roles in the economy of Suining. Multi-function and multi-level market network has also taken its shape, and the pattern of large-scale trading, smooth circulation and big market has already formed Preliminarily.
With mountains and rivers on its two sides, Suining built a modern city with excellent surroundings and beautiful gardens. Suining is now becoming an important transportation hub, a trading center, a regional central city and an ecological gardens city in Sichuan Province.

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