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Nanchong is a famous historic and cultural city in Sichuan and was built more than two thousand two hundred years ago. It has a special location with Chengdu in its west, Hubei in its east, Shanxi in its north and Chongqing in its south. Since ancient times it has always been an important place in northern Sichuan. It is a political, economic, and cultural centre as well as an important traffic artery with railways, highways and an airport. Jialing River crosses through it from north to south, Dacheng Railway crosses through it from west to east and No.318 and No.212 national highways cross through the city. Chengnan Highway, which is already completed, has shortened the distance between Chengdu and Nanchong to 218 km. The distance between Nanchong and Chongqing will be 200 km after the Nanyu Highway being finished. There is a national cable and a main microwave communication line going through the city which makes it is an important traffic hub of communication in northeast Sichuan. It is also a commercial centre in northern Sichuan and an important part of the national three gorges economic zone and an important place in Opening-up in China. It is one of the eight central cities in Sichuan and has a reputation of “The heart of northern Sichuan”.
Nanchong is old but also youthful, peaceful but also flourishing;It has a rich culture and also a strong commercial consciousness. Since the reform and opening up, especially since the State Department authorized to build a new prefecture-level Nanchong City to take place of the original Nanchong Prefecture in July of 1993, the ancient Nanchong has been radiating with vigour and the history of Nanchong has turned a new page.
Nanchong is one of the most famous silk producing places in China, and has a reputation of “The Hometown of Silk” because its silk production has been abundant since ancient times. The silk of Nanchong was famous early in the West Chou Dynasty, and it was always offered to the emperors as tributes during the Tang Dynasty and also sold to Chang’an ( the capital of Tang Dynasty) and Japan, where it was regarded as a national treasure by the Japanese royalty. The silk of Nanchong won the first prize in the Panama World Exhibition 1915. At present a whole production system including “mulberry cultivation, silkworms raising, breeding, cocoons treatment, silk production, silk cloth production, dyeing and printing, garment processing, machine production, scientific study and education” has been well established. Nanchong has become one of the 15 major silk export bases and one of the four silk production bases in China.
Nanchong is an important production base of grain, oil and agricultural byproducts in China and also famous for its silk cocoons, mandarins and pigs. It has a reputation of the mandarin orange kingdom and “The State of Fruits” or “The City of Fruits”. The villages in Nanchong’s suburbs produce many fruits like mandarins and as well as others fruits which are sold to Sichuan and other provinces. The amount of their mandarin production is the first in Sichuan. “The fruits from the fruit mountain are the best in the world, and it is golden and fragrant everywhere” is a real portrait of the kingdom of mandarins. The mandarin cultivation is a tradition which has thrived since the Han Dynasty and has been passed down from generation to generation without decline. Its local products are abundant including Baoning Vinegar in Langzhong which has been famous in China and overseas from ancient times until today.
Nanchong is located in the northeast of the Sichuan Basin at the middle section of Jialing River .
The landforms of Nanchong city are mainly hills. The whole city can be divided into two landforms, that is, the hilly area in the north and foothill area in the south. It tilts from the north to the south between 256 to 889 meters above the sea level. The type of its landform is mainly foothills,hills with dams, middle height hills and valleys, high hillocks and low hills which occupies 1/3 of the whole land respectively.

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